Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three Month Supply- Canning Meat

Otherwise known as: Why I have been neglecting my blog. And my book. Warning: May contain gross pictures. We are talking about canning meat here, people. Yuck!

My sister gave me the head's up. There were a lot of good deals on meat, and she would teach me how to use her pressure cooker. A few weeks ago she gave me a jar of beef that she had canned and it was delicious. So I have been wanting to give it a try ever since.

Now, Jannalee is not the type to make an idle offer. You know what I mean. Some people offer to help you, but you are hesitant to take them up on it. Jannalee tells me to come over at this and such time and she will teach me. This is not the first time, either. She taught me how to make homemade wheat bread a couple of weeks ago. I will post pictures when I have the guts to actually make some by myself;) This week, I promise!

Tuesday when the Ginge came over I ran around to 4 different stores and got some major deals on pork loin, 93% fat free ground beef, beef roast, and chicken breast. Then I swung by Jannalee's house to pick up the pressure cooker. Which I would have been too intimidated to use if she hadn't actually shown me how. I started browning the ground beef, because I needed some for that night's dinner anyway. I decided to just brown it all while I was at it.

Ground beef is really the only thing you have to cook before canning. The rest of it goes into the jars raw. So then I got started with the gross stuff. My kids were appalled.

I am running the pork through Italian dressing mix. Jannalee said that it tastes great that way. You can open a jar, heat it up, throw it on rice and you've got a meal. The rest I made up myself. I used a Costco meat rub that we love on burgers in a jar of beef. Then onion soup mix and garlic in another jar of beef. taco seasoning on beef. Ranch dressing mix on chicken. Soy sauce and garlic pepper on chicken (Which is how I cook it usually) and a few other things. I got a little creative.

The first night I was up with it until 1:30 because I underestimated the time required. It takes 90 minutes for quarts to cook in the pressure cooker, so I was figuring an hour and a half. I wasn't counting on the time it took for it to get to boiling, then to pressurize, then to depressurize afterward. One of the drawbacks to canning in the middle of the night is not being able to call your sister with little questions. Oh well. You live and learn.

(my quarts in the cooker)

(my pints, after they are done cooking)

No, they don't look pretty. But they taste good. I hope. Jannalee's tasted good, we'll have to see about mine. I am trying to resist the temptation to use them for dinner next week just to see how they taste! C'mon, wouldn't you be curious?

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Patrice said...

She is such a gem to teach you . . . it's wonderful that you have all that in your storage now!

Dan and Jan said...

That is awesome! Keep it up and call me when you do the bread :)

Vidal's Nest said...

You'll have to show me how to do it someday! I want to learn how to can!

macmommy said...

You are much braver than I am ;0) Has always seemed like a daunting task to me. Good job!

The Eggers said...

I'm so impressed!! I'm a little scared to use a pressure cooker, probably because I just dont know how and I've heard stories. But I think your cans look wonderful! I would be so proud of myself if I were you!! Sisters are great arent they!

Danielle said...

Way to go! I have never attempted meat. I want to learn how to can beans. That is something we use a lot of.

Now I just need the pressure cooker.

Holly Janeen said...

you freakin' righteous over acheiver! i am so jealous.

Jeff just told me i need to repent and do better on food storage. so, thanks for proving that its possible even with TONS OF KIDS! gosh. i am overwhelmed and all i have to worry about is me and Jeff and a baby.


Michelle Devine said...

Canned meat??? I just cant go there. :)
I hope you can come to my banner class next saturday. Its been too long. Stapley pool last summer didnt really count as hanging out. My stores on Elliot and Cooper. 813-2093.