Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year

Because I just absolutely love Halloween? No, not really. Maybe I get that from my mom. I remember her telling me when I was very young that she didn't really love Halloween. I think I had asked her why we didn't put up as many Halloween decorations as we did for Christmas. Or maybe I asked her why we don't have a Halloween tree. Something silly like that when I was very young.

I couldn't understand it at the time. Dressing up, candy, what's not to love? I understand better now.(although, I am pretty sure it is not genetic. my brother and I are less than two years apart, and Halloween is his favorite holiday) I am not a fan of horror movies. I don't really like all of the blood and guts business. But we do decorate for Halloween. I have nothing against pumpkins, and pirates, Egyptians, etc.. My kids aren't into the blood and guts thing either, so we don't really have anything offensive around here. I'll never start a crusade against Halloween, because it is basically harmless. And so fun for the kids.

(lovely hair after bobbing for apples;)

But I LOVE Autumn!

I love the Fall colors and the decorations that get to stay up until after Thanksgiving.

I love it when the summer heat starts to wane.

I love the smell of spiced pumpkin and hot chocolate.

And even my black Halloween candle that smells a little like black licorice;)

There are many things I love about this time of year. And this year one of the greatest things will be finishing this pregnancy next week. and being done forever! I can't wait! It will be great to have our new sweet baby girl. (who still doesn't have a name)

But my absolute favorite part of the beginning of Fall?:

General Conference! I love General Conference! What could be better than getting two whole days of strength and instruction from men and women of God? I love knowing that what I am hearing is meant directly for me. It is what Heavenly Father needs us to hear right now. I know President Monson is a prophet of God, and I love being able to hear what he has to teach in the comfort of my own home. I feel incredibly blessed to be a member of this church, and have the benefit of continuing revelation.

I love the kids' ingenious conference packets that help them sort of pay attention without getting too bored. I don't know who came up with these things (conference bingo, anyone?) but they are my heroes.(When I gave Rachael her packet, she informed me, "I don't do conference packets, mom. I take notes." Don't they grow up so fast?)

And what could be better than watching church on my couch or in my bed in comfortable clothes(O.K, PJ's) and no shoes? Especially right now, when sitting through just sacrament meeting is so uncomfortable and difficult for me. 8 hours of church and no cramped toes, swollen feet, or booty that has fallen asleep on the hard chairs. Priceless.

(Conference conversation: Kindyl and Mitchell were "discussing" conference bingo too loudly and I couldn't hear the speaker. I said, "you guys, this is church. Would you make that much noise in sacrament meeting?" Rachael just looks me up and down from the other side of the room, noticing my PJ's with the shirt pulled up over my ginormous belly and says, "Mom, would you WEAR that to sacrament meeting?" Little stinker;)

And if it couldn't get any better, Wendell made waffles in between sessions. Yum!

Yes, I realize conference comes around twice a year. I love the spring too!

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Marcie and Holly said...

Your kids look so cute dressed up! I love seeing everyone dressed up at Halloween.Great times!

macmommy said...

Totally cute the mood to get that done now! I love Halloween and this time of year ;) I think I get more excited about it than Christmas sometimes. Let's just say the kids have had their costumes since the end of August. No holiday shopping rush so I'm in to the no stress part of it (and sneaking a candy or two). Your kids look adorable!

Patrice said...

Amen! I LOVE conference and look forward to it for the entire six months!

Shelli said...

Conference is my favorite. Especially when the kids get bored and trickle out of the room, and I actually get to hear the speakers. And yes, I LOVE Conference Bingo! It's a family fave here. I tell the kids "Conference is on!" and I get the fist pumping "YES!" response as they run into the living room. Definitely different than when I was growing up!