Monday, June 16, 2008

It's a....girl!

I tallied up the votes and 40% of you were right. To be fair, a lot of the responses I got were"I HOPE you are having a boy" or "I am rooting for a boy" Not exactly, "I think you are having a boy." SO most of you probably suspected I was really having a girl.

That's right. The rest of you Proffitts and Macnabs are going to have to resign yourselves to the fact that the trend may never be broken.

Good things about having another girl:

1. Brenley will probably relate to a girl better, which may make the transition from spoiled baby to big sister a little easier.

2. If she is funny looking, she can still look cute with a nice bow, some bracelets, a cute paci holder, and maybe some earrings.

3. We have a lot of girls in our family, so I am hoping for some real quality hand me downs. ( I didn't buy much or keep much from Bren. I kind of expected her to be my last girl.) We had some pretty well dressed little girls in our family not long ago.

4. Rachael, chief babysitter around here, really wanted a girl.

I had a boy's name picked out, but am at a total loss for girl names. The only two I can think of that I like sound too much like Brenley. Having experienced the problem of having a Rachael and a Mitchell and a Wendell and a Kindyl, I am not doing another similar name. It is confusing enough around here when you yell a name accross the house. Any suggestions? It just has to go well with "Macnab"

10 people know I love comments!:

Michelle Rigby said...

So I can't tell if you are excited or not..?????
Girls are way more fun to dress up, that's for sure.
If you're a tad sad...there's always Jimmy on Wednesday!!
congrats...I"m happy for you. I'll be sure to get you some of my girl stuff.
What is your due date?

onehm said...

CONGRATS! A girl will be so fun! And you CLEARLY know how to make some cute girls!!!

As far as names go, I named all my kids after names in our family history, so my suggestion is to look there.

Little Red said...

Unbelievable. The curse is real. No doubt about it.

Crazymamaof6 said...

well if you have to shop, shopping for a girl is so much more fun! congrats.

Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

Oh please, girls are just plain better.

Mariah said...

i think you are gonna go CRAZY man i feel bad? sad sad sad!

Vidal's Nest said...

Girls are funner to shop for! Plus, you do make really cute girls, so it's all good!
I'll keep a eye out for some cute things for you!

Rebecca said...

Mason Thomas Macnab....oh shoot, I forgot, girl. What was your boy name? Don't go with a family name, they are mostly scary. I looked. I have liked Layla ever Laeia (sp?) ever since Cassie didn't use it. What about Ginger? I'm sorry, I think it is cute and a little retro. You could follow tradition and name her Sharon Elaine. Not my favorite idea though. How about a flower? Like Rhododendron? You could call her Rhody. I also like the name Miley. Too famous though. Apple Macnab? Violet Macnab? Shiloh Macnab? How about naming her something you want her to be, like Humility Macnab, or Happy Macnab? I would have said Easy Macnab but that won't work for obvious reasons. Remember surf's up? How about Shaniquah Macnab. Oh I love that. It's just funny. I'll keep thinking for you...and congratulations! We love girls!

Holly Janeen said...

no way!!!!!!!! so exciting :)

Melissa Resch said...

I think you should name her Elaine and call her Lainey??? i love that name!!! I had fun last night! I did not feel so good.... sooy i was so quite.... for a concert :0)