Monday, June 9, 2008

The Beach House!

I know it is late, but I finally have pictures! I was a slacker and basically only took my camera to KBF, so I e mailed my sister Rebecca and she sent me some of hers. Yeah!

This is my favorite part of the beach house. There is a huge window in the living room that looks right onto the beach. When it is a little chilly you can just sit up there in the chairs or window seats and read your book and still feel like you are right on the beach. This is a picture of the kids through that window.

The kids decided to build their own little beach house down in the sand. They dug this big pit complete with a bench all the way around, and steps coming down. Then they set up the umbrella over it. As you can see, Rachael and Kinsey like to take their afternoon snack in there.

Christina and Joel Johnson had the beach house right next door, and Brenley was amazed by their little tiny baby Payton. Here I am holding the baby, and Bren is loving on her. ( I love pregnant pictures of me, especially with no make up. I feel like it looks like I have been stung on my face a hundred times by bees;)

It is so fun how the toddlers love to hang with each other any time our families get together. This is Bren and Addie playing before bedtime. (Rachael and Kinsey took the pictures.Lovely)

I love these pics of the boys. Jarem, Tate, and Mitchell are obviously playing chess in their jammies. Jarem is seriously contemplating Tate's next move. It is a very important little tournament...until Addie makes her move!;)

We came, we played, we read books, we swam, we boogie boarded, played games, chased cousins, loved on babies, went out to eat, went shopping, relaxed, recharged, and basically just hung! It was just what the Dr. ordered. One thing that would have made it better? My husband. We all missed Wendell, especially Brenley! When we got home, we started the countdown to our big family beach trip in July!

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Vidal's Nest said...

What a neat place! We are looking into renting one next summer!
Cousins are so great!