Monday, May 19, 2008

Thank you

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Thank You Glitter Graphics

My husband doesn't like me to complain on my blog, but I did anyway. And I wanted to say thanks for all of the support I got. Thank You!

I called my sister Jannalee on Friday morning after I started bleeding Thursday night and she took Brenley for me all morning until naptime. And then my friend Tiffany brought me over dinner and movies Friday night.

Saturday I got an e mail from my scrapbooking friends saying they were sending over dinner from one of my favorite Italian food joints, Vitos. They are having it delivered on Monday. I think they are having it delivered to spare me the further embarrassment of having my messy house seen. My scrapping girls are very good friends. Thanks Nicole.

Saturday night I got a call from my cousin Lori saying she was going to bring me dinner on Sunday. Lori's family and my family used to hang out a lot as kids. They grew up in Southern California, so we mostly got to see them in the summer when we stayed at the beach. We had a blast! But I haven't seen Lori in a good 10-12 years. Her whole family lives in different states, so we haven't gotten a chance to see them. We did get to see my aunt and uncle for a little bit at my dad's funeral a couple of years ago, but for the rest it has been a long time. Lori recently moved to AZ from Colorado, and we are excited to get to see more of their family! Sorry about this heat, Lori! You'll get used to it;)

Dinner was fabulous, even all of my kids ate it. It even included Mississippi mud pie, which is an old family favorite. I don't think I have had it since I was a kid. We used to beg my mom to make it for our birthdays. It was a delicious blast from the past, just like I remembered it. And yes, I did eat the leftovers for breakfast this morning;)

She also has two little girls around Brenley's age, and is picking up Brenley this morning to play. What a blessing. Poor Brenley is so sick of hanging out at home. She likes to try shoving me out of bed and says, "I ready a go mom! get dressed! get dressed!" She will have fun hanging out somewhere other than here.

I also got an anonymous loaf of lemon bread on my porch last night. Yum!

Thanks to the rest of you for all your kind words and well wishes. I appreciate your support!

I am still spotting a little and still can't feel the baby . But I keep waking up in the middle of the night because I have dreamt that I feel it. I am hopeful that that means the little bugger is moving all over the place while I sleep;) I am just going to have to take it easy until my appointment on Wednesday (I have insurance again! woo hoo!)

I will post more interesting things when I find my camera! There are so many things I need to post, but they all involve pictures, and my camera is AWOL. Hopefully it will show up soon!

3 people know I love comments!:

Holly Janeen said...

aw dearest! i felt like stopping by your house yesterday but then i was like, i cant just stop in on sherry without a treat or something, she will think i am so weird! but now i feel bad that i didnt stop by to see you. i hope you are doing well. i think you are fabulous in so many ways... let me know what i can do for you- a hug? dinner? a treat? a movie? a foot massage... YOU NAME IT! i will even take your kids out of the house if you want... JUST LET ME KNOW!!! i mean it!
love you.

Holly Janeen said...

and i am assuming you have my number... ;)

Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo for insurance! hope everything is OK. you have fabulous supportive friends!