Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MItchell's award ceremony

Yes, this is the ceremony that I had to miss, but luckily my friend Tiffany was there and was able to calm the boy down, pay attention to his accomplishments, and even take pictures. That is why I have chosen this as the first of many posts I need to do to catch up. My camera is still missing, so this is the only thing I have pictures of at the moment! So many end of the year accomplishments...

Mitchell said he and one other boy received the most awards, thanks to me. He got every award available to the students, and I got two awards as the Art Masterpiece instructor. I LOVE Art Masterpiece, and I will probably have to do a post just on that one day. This particular class was so cooperative, enjoyable, and appreciative. They always showed just how much they loved it when I came to teach them something new. All of the kids made me a card , and I got a lovely certificate, and an even more lovely gift card!

Mitchell won everything he wanted to win. He is a very dedicated hard worker. Because he is a first grader in a first, second, and third grade classroom, he has had some great opportunities this year. He has been able to be in the second and third grade groups for reading, writing, and math. This has allowed him to move at his own pace, which I love. He is a very competitive little guy, so having him in a class with older children just seems to give him more of a drive to excel. This was the case with our girls as well, which is why we love Montessori so much for early elementary. A love of learning is such a great thing to develop at this young age. We have always hoped the kids would be able to keep this love through the rest of their school years. It provides a great foundation. And that is the end of my unsolicited opinion on education;)

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Crissybug said...

Mitchell is such a bright kid. I can't believe how much he has grown since we have known you!