Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting All Political and Such

Well it's not like me to get all political and such ( except perhaps at the occasional family dinner. And sometimes late at night while discussing the state of the union with the husband. O.K- and some controversial e mails;)

But I found this Milton Friedman clip from a link from Tammy

and thought it was lovely. I have been so concerned for a long time about the socialist turn our country seems to be taking. I had a pretty vivid nightmare about it the other night.

But I won't get on my soap box. At least until I can educate myself on the finer points of the cap and trade agreement and Obama's health plan. And a few other things....

4 people know I love comments!:

Dan and Jan said...

You don't need to be terribly educated to know that cap and trade and national healthcare are both as wrong as they can be. I try not to be on a soap box either but this country is simply crazy right now. I liked your video.

tammy said...

Thanks for the linky love.

I was never one to get on a soapbox, but lately it's just been driving me crazy! Especially when some people just don't get it.

Anyway, I loved that video too.

Shelli said...

Good video! Just good, common sense to me.

Rebecca said...

Amen sista. Who's going to break it to Obama?