Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Fun

As usual, the 4thof July consisted of too much food and too much fun. A bit more laid back this year than previous years.

Those of us that were in town for the holiday spent the day swimming at a friend's house.(until Joy and Rebecca build their houses, and of course the promised pool-a-palooza, my brother Spencer and I are the only ones with pools. And ours are too small to accommodate the fam)

(Wendell throwing Mitchell around)

The dads usually take turns throwing the kids up in the air so they can do some tricks. My dad used to do this to us when we were little. Good times. Not to mention a good work out...

(Breazy, Danica,Rachael, Hanna. Cute little Zan in the background))

The older girls doing what they do best. I am not sure what that is, exactly...

(Abigail chillin' with Kindyl on the noodles)

We continued our laid back theme when we went to watch fireworks. We didn't feel like waiting forever in traffic, so we went and watched them in the greenbelt by Jannalee and Dan's house.

(cheesy Brenley waiting for the fireworks to start...)

(The Queen watching with her dad)

(clusters of kids watching fireworks)

Another low key holiday for us. Are you seeing a trend here? Christmas, Easter, The Fourth. All done with a minimum of effort on my part. (I can't say the same for the Dunyons. Who had to set up, clean up, and do all the grillin'. Thanks guys!)

I am sure next year when Little Queenie is a little older things will all go back to normal. Or maybe with 5 kids we have found a new normal....

2 people know I love comments!:

tammy said...

Laid back is perfect. Which is what we did. We barely got out of the pool to watch the fireworks at the neighboring farm. And play with sparklers. After I had to special order them my kids WERE going to play with them.

Rhonda said...

I'm all about laid back 4th of July fun! Glad you had a good time! love little Queenie! She's too cute.