Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hawaii- Day 1

(the house we rented in Princeville)

I know, I know, I am a total blog slacker. I haven't had a real post in over a year. And it has been months since we went to Hawaii. But I really want to document this trip for myself before I forget the details. So I figured I had two choices:

1. Scapbook it

2.Blog it

So now you know I am an even bigger scrapbook slacker! (Brenley and Abigail don't even have books. Gasp!)

I have always wanted to do something great for our 15th anniversary. I knew we would be done having kids by then and 15 years deserves a celebration. It was between another cruise and Hawaii, and Hawaii won!

I have to say I have never had the urge to go to Hawaii. I dream and plan and read and obsess over parts of Europe. I have some episodes of Rick Steves memorized. I aspire to visit Egypt and Israel. I would love to do another tropical cruise. But I didn't ever really think about Hawaii. It didn't have enough relevant history for me.

Luckily, My mother in law talked me into going. I am so glad she did! It was perfect. We couldn't have ordered better weather.

We landed Monday evening, ate, hit Costco, and went to bed. Then we woke up early Tuesday morning to go on Captain Andy's catamaran cruise up the Na Pali coast. It was perfect.

(partly because I took a healthy dose of drammamine)

For some reason the theme song for Gilligan's Island kept running through my head. I am not sure if it was because the show was filmed here on this part of the island, or if it was because I was worried about being shipwrecked on our own "3 hour tour"

(Ellen, Pam, and myself on the trampoline front of the boat.)

(Wendell snorkling off the back of the boat)

Everybody got to see these guys but me. Oh well...

(In my pictures folder this file is named "nobodylistenstoturtle". If you can tell me why you win a prize...)

We saw more whales than anyone ever has in San Diego. They were so close. These guys decided to show us their synchro act. You could tell they had been practicing...

(Pamela taking my picture)

This is the Na Pali Coastline further north. There is no road to it so you can only reach it by boat or helicopter. Popular place to film t.v shows (as mentioned above) and movies. It was breath taking.

After we finished our cruise we hit the Red Dirt Shirt Company (feartured on "Dirty Jobs")and the Glass Beach

Then we saw Waimea Canyon,"the Grand Canyon of Hawaii" Hawaii doesn't need it. Everything on the island is prettier than the Grand Canyon, in my opinion.

(Dean, Pam, Ellen, and Wendell)

It was a full and fabulous day

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Spence said...

North Shore!! Turtle says it when Rick is an idiot (as usual). Do I get my Prize?

sherry said...

Ha Spencer you win! Of course my sibling would know;) What do you want, somehow I don't think you would enjoy the headband I was going to give away....