Friday, October 16, 2009

My Parenting Quote of the Day

"You have not failed as long as you have tried"

President Gordon B. Hinkley

Found in this month's Visiting Teaching address. go here.

Apparently there is a reason we are called to do our visiting teaching.

I have had a harder time healing from this surgery than I should have and have not been a very good parent.

I have thought to myself at least once this week,:

"That's it. I've totally ruined my kids"

And now I have a little hope.....

4 people know I love comments!:

O'Neill Family said...

What kind of surgery did you have? Hope everything is okay!!


I did not have surgery and I worry about that a lot! I hope you feel better soon.

The Northwest Bunch said...

Are you all right? When did you have surgery? I hope you family is helping you out!!

Vidal's Nest said...

I feel daily like I am ruining mine! Great quote. Provides some hope!
Can I help out?