Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Cabin

Yes, I have been a slacker. A serious blog slacker. I have had posts floating around my head for weeks. But have posted nothing. Because I am a slacker!

Now, for journaling purposes, I must go in order. Starting with the cabin in Pinetop at the end of June.

We were invited to go to Pinetop with our good friends.(started to post a link but remembered they went private along with the rest of the world, dangit)

How could we say no? Knowing our next beach vacation was months away, I had been dying to get out of the heat. And playing with some friends was an added bonus.

Wendell and Mitchell couldn't wait to finally use their poles and fishing licenses. So fishing was the first order of business.

(yes, Brenley is holding worms. Lovely)

Poor Maisy was desperate for shade. Can you even see her? The first day was kind of warm. But still wayyyy cooler than Mesa, of course.
My friend and her baby sitting by Rachael watching the boys fish. Yes she is my age...and the size of my 12 year old. They could share clothes. nice.

Next came the fun part. (What? do you really know any women that enjoy fishing?) The quads.

First the men took all of the kids while we stayed in with the babies.

Then the moms were going to go by ourselves. Oh sweet freedom! But we decided to take the two older girls with us.

I may or may not have urged my two young children to, "hurry up, just go faster!" on a couple of dangerous off road vehicles. Mother of the year award? Ya, I know....

The kids (and men)all got slightly sunburned despite my repeated warnings...but they had a blast, and frankly, so did I. It had been a long time...
The next day was cool and gorgeous so we proceeded to relax..

(Mitch on a hammock)


(Ya, I relived my 6th grade glory days and took on acouple of kids...)

and, of course, shoot all manner of weapons...including but not limited to:... .
b b guns....

air soft guns....

and bows and arrows....

(miss Kindyl even shot a bull's eye. For real. She kind of rocks....)

Where was the Queenie? She was content collecting pine needles and playing with blocks.

Then the real competition began..

That's right, the stuffing of the marshmallows. The competition was intense. I think Wendell won...

It was nice to have no fire restrictions for a change. Things just wouldn't be the same without a campfire.

Good friends, fun weekend, great to get out of the heat!

(you may have been wondering where Abigail's headband was in her picture. She rarely takes a picture without one. Because she is bald. And doesn't take them off. Well her baby friend K tried it on and didn't take it off like she usually does. And she looked so stinkin' cute, we left it on her.)

(Ya, she's a big bad biker;)

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tracey said...

Wow! This looks like such a FUN vacation. I clearly need to be a better mother to my boy and get him some bb guns, airsoft and take him on a 4 wheeler. My poor kids have never done any of those things. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the kids in the sand. How did you do that??

Tiffany said...

Thanks for pointing out that I look like a 12 year old! That will be great to hear one day I suppose.. I love the weapon comments. What can I say, we are raising "real boys" for sure.... Thanks for comming.

Little Red said...

That looks like a totally awesome vacation. How fun!

The Northwest Bunch said...

What a great vacation!