Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Beach House

Friday morning Wendell took the kids to the pick your own strawberry fields with the Garns, Dunyons, and Johnsons. I stayed home to nurse Abigail without interruption and put her down for a good nap. And did the laundry and read my book. Heavenly.
(do you have the Beatles song stuck in your head now? I know I do;)

We had more strawberries than anybody could ever eat. Rebecca cut them up for strawberry short cake. Yumm...

When they got back we took advantage of the beach and laid out. Or I did. It was pretty chilly and overcast but I was determined to get rid of my Knott's Berry Farmer's tan. You have already seen how well that turned out;)

We left the kids home and went out to dinner Friday night and Saturday night. And even went to the Johnson's beach house to play some games. Boy, we Proffitts can get competitive! Who knew. O.K, I did.

More beach on Saturday but it was too cold to get rid of the lovely stripes I had on my arms. And I was so careful with the sunblock this time! Oh well...

Kids of course don't even notice the cold. They are somehow programmed not to care about cold and heat. I don't know how they do that. Cold sandy and wet? Who cares! We're at the beach!My mom was in her chair with her sweats on and a blanket, and the kids are running around in their bathing suits. The big kids were in the ocean all day, surfing, body surfing, and boogie boarding.

We left on Sunday but stayed for Sunday dinner first. Which was actually Sunday lunch. I wish we could have all of our Sunday dinners at the beach house.

The view from my spot at the dinner table. Eating dinner while watching the ocean. My two favorite things!;)

The big kids eating dinner. How lucky are they?

Some of the littles at dinner.

And a wedding on the beach we could see from our balcony. Lovely.

After dinner? Manis and pedis before heading home. At this point Wendell was starting to antsy to get on the road. And I was delaying. I didn't want to leave the beach. I needed at least two more days!
(my favorite 12 year old look)

I am contemplating taking a cue from my sisters and getting my very own beach house for the month next year right next to theirs. My MIL even said she would pitch in if she could stay with me part of the time. Hmmm...

4 people know I love comments!:

Patrice said...

Invite me next time! I think I could pass for a Proffit (except I don't know how to spell the name).

O'Neill Family said...

Don't you just love the beach...looks like you experienced the same kind of weather we did last weekend! Gotta love it!

tammy said...

I wouldn't want to leave either.

jeanna eggers said...

Looks like a fun trip. I thought the Proffitts always camped at the beach though??? I'm sure its a nice thought but a little tough with kids. Well I'm glad you guys converted our family to beach camping. good times.