Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I have been a blog slacker! It is not like me to go over a week with no post. I have been kind of busy. Sort of;) My excuses:

I have been getting ready for Wendell's family to visit from out of town for Mitchell's baptism last Saturday. O.K this is kind of a copout because his family doesn't really expect that much of me or my house:)

I have been trying to finish the Eragon series so I can return the books to my friend. I like this series because it is interesting, but not interesting enough to neglect my family and my house. I have just been reading every now and then. Which is totally unlike me. And kind of a relief for my poor husband, and again, kind of a copout.

I have been a little addicted to Hulu. And Netflix online. I don't even watch T.V anymore. I watched all 9 seasons, of "As Time Goes By" which is a British comedy about old people. Also, hilarious. And thoroughly enjoyable. Nothing beats good subtle British humor. In my defense, each season is only 6 or 7 28 minute episodes. And the ninth season only had four. So it isn't as bad as it sounds. And I have been able to do other things while I am watching. Like the laundry. But not blogging. Because my computer is taken up with the Netflix. Do you see the problem here? Honestly, this is probably the real culprit. And Hulu gives me all of the latest episodes of my favorite shows. Like Friday Night Lights. And 30 Rock. If you don't know what I am talking about go here.

It is an addiction, I admit it.

The last couple of days it has been the book. One thing my in laws are great for is bringing me good books and movies. They make a regular habit of this. And this trip was no exception. My MIL brought me The Host. You know the book. The Stephanie Meyers book that is NOT about vampires. I have to say I loved it. Probably better than the Twilight series. I may have changed my mind about this particular author. She may have some substance after all. At the very least, an unparalleled imagination.

Wendell didn't know what to think of this. On one had he was happy to get some time on the computer. I am kind of a computer hog/bully. I admit it. And it was nice for him to get a turn. On the other hand, the once semi clean house shot straight to h e double hockey sticks in the span of two days. In my defense, I wasn't feeling well enough to keep up anyway. We ate some bad Mexican food in Payson, and on top of that, my uterus went into it's once a month rebellion. So last night, he had to clean up AND feed the kids. Because frankly, it was necessary to clean up in order to make dinner. Thanks, Hon. You are a trooper.

Mitchell's baptism post coming soon!

6 people know I love comments!:

grammasuz said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'd find anyone who likes that british show (As time goes By) besides me! I can't find it up here in Utah, but I watched it all the time in AZ. Also the one that came on before it in Az that I loved even more, *Keeping Up Appearances* is so very funny, it is on up here but on so late that I never get to see it,, I need a DVR don't I?

Sarah said...

Yeah, I loved "the host" too! Although I confess I'm also a sucker for "twilight". I know, I know.....but what can I say?

Patrice said...

Glad to occassionally hear from you! Mitchell, congrats on the baptism. You are a gem, and I look forward to seeing your pictures.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

finally...someone that agrees with me. i love the host (more than twilight even)

beckaboots said...

the host is a good book. reminds me of ender's game by orson scott card. i'm always trying to find a new book to read but it's hard to balance out the priorities sometimes!

The Taylor Family said...

I had a hard time reading The Host, I didn't like it much. It was ok, just too far fetched, like vampires aren't far fetched, I know, but I didn't care for it. I do like her writing, it's easy to read, I'll give her that!