Thursday, February 12, 2009

4 Months Old!

I like to take a picture of my babies on their "birthday". These are Ab's 4 month pictures. On the quilt my mom made her.

She is starting to look older. Though she has had the good grace to stay tiny.

I consider this a personal favor, and appreciate it very much! As my last baby, she can stay little for as long as she wants. Though her doctor may have a different opinion. Her stats:

11lbs 2oz- 10%
231/2 inches- 10%

I don't know her head measurement, but it is 25%. And apparently at birth it was 50%. So they need to check her out again in a month and make sure her head is growing as it should. But her soft spot is still soft, so she is probably O.K. I am inclined to call it nurse error, since her first measurement of the day put her in the 12th percentile. They remeasured it and got 25th. SO I am wondering how precise her first measurement really was. She has always had a sweet little tiny head, which I appreciated at birth. For a little perspective:

This is Abigail with Joy's two year old Trigg. Who has a perfectly normal sized two year old head.

She has been a good eater since birth. She eats frequently, she just doesn't eat much. Joy took her for a couple of days for our anniversary, and said she just really only wants to eat a couple of ounces. She is perfectly happy, just not that hungry.

As long as she is gaining weight she is fine. But her pediatrician gave me some high calorie formula for preemies to supplement her with after I am done nursing. Just in case. She won't drink it. She is full. I'll keep trying, though, just to make sure she is healthy.

But I like my dainty tiny dolly just the way she is!

3 people know I love comments!:

Frankie and Krista said...

OHH a tiny baby like mine usually are! They are so cute. We always stick to the 4-5%. Not this time, my tiny starter already weighs 11lbs!! I guess we switched this time. Enjoy it, i am enjoying chubby!

Patrice said...

I loved them little, too. I guess you still need her to grow. . . .I had to tube feed Kathryn. Do not go that route!!

macmommy said...

Cade still isn't 20 lbs and he's 21months. The doc has him on 2 Pediasure's a day, we'll see if it helps. I don't think we've ever been out of the 10% (except the heads-they are in the 50% LOL!). She definitely doesn't look like she's lacking so I wouldn't worry. Some of us are just meant to be little =0)