Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Eve

Yes, we had a party to go to. And we had a blast! As a kid I complained but these days it is fantastic to have a big family.

We headed over to Grunyon Run AKA Scary House at 6 so the kids could get their party on. They started with a little game of Bingo headed by Rebecca.

Then they headed into the kitchen to build gingerbread houses, helped by their fathers. Our kids are so lucky they have an aunt who spoils them.

Then it was time for the grown ups to have some fun. We sent the kids to bed and partied on. At this point my camera was put away. I don't know why that happens. I think I just take pics of the kids by habit. Rebecca, do you have pictures of the grown ups? I think she has some silly ones.

We had a white elephant exchange game, which is always exciting. I count it a success if people are trading or fighting over the gifts we brought. Wendell brought a lighted Buddha with those electrical currents running through it. I wish I had a picture of it. Joy? Dave scored it for Tate and Kevin, and they were pretty happy about that. I had hit a monster sale at Bath and Body Works and got a lotion and a lip balm. All under our $5.00 limit, thank you very much!

The injuries were minor, after some coveted mixing bowls were safely out of play, and I scored a pretty awesome shower cap that I needed and didn't even know it. Success!

Then the garns treated us to a fun little gift tradition. I think she got some pictures that I probably don't want posted. It involves winter gloves and a hat. Probably not my best look;)

A gift is placed in the middle wrapped to the gills. Greg (I think it was Greg) is a master at this. This includes multiple wrapped boxes, and a lot of tape.

A pair of dice is passed around. When you roll a 6 it is your turn. You put on the gloves and the hat. The hat so we can keep track of whose turn it is and only one person at a time can have a turn, and the gloves to make it even more difficult.

The next person to roll a six steals your hat and gloves. I am pretty sure I pulled Margaret's hair in the process at one point. Sorry Margs! And I am pretty sure we all shared germs using our teeth to get through the tape. It is not a good idea to abuse your teeth this way in front of your orthodontist, but you do what you have to do!

And you keep going until someone penetrates the multiple boxes and actually gets to the gift. That person wins the gift. There were two this time, and I won the first one. (which would not have been possible if Joy hadn't been holding my baby, allowing me to jump around like a crazy person) I was able to decide to keep it, or exchange it for an unknown gift. I chose to keep it, and I am glad I did. We won movie tickets and popcorn. We are too cheap to go out to the movies often, so this was the perfect gift for us.

We played more games and ate all of our favorite snacks, including another giant cheese ball of course. At midnight we toasted with our favorite fake champagne, Martinelli's. And wished my brother Cark a Happy Birthday;)

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tracey said...

What a fun New Years party! I had forgot about the wrapping present game. I haven't played that in years, I think I will play that at our party next year. What I need to know is how you got the kids to go to bed!!
Best wishes for the New Year!

tracey said...

Oh yeah, and BONUS points for you for doing the gingerbread houses!!:D

Holly Janeen said...

i cant picture you doing anything less than partyin' new years eve...
glad it was fun! :)

Patrice said...

At least you have an orthodontist to fix those broken teeth for free!

Rachael said...

hey i was gonna do that backround!!! o wel ill find somethin else.

~lUv u lOtS!~


Rebecca said...

I love the synopsis! I need to just copy it and paste it on my blog so I have a record of it. I think I have a few pictures...they are funny! You're wrong, the hat is a good look on you. :)