Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun at the Campsite!

(the kids playing scrabble) ( Rach doing Brenley's hair)
These are some wild and crazy kids!

The kids love camping with their cousins. Do I love camping? Not so much. I used to. But it really entails a whole lot of work these days. A ton of laundry, because I don't like to do laundry while we are at the beach. What a waste of time. So Wendell and I and each of the kids have to have pj's, bathing suits, cover ups, and an outfit for 9 days. Church clothes for Sunday. And it all has to be clean before we go.

(they're not really moving;) (the littles "observing" the snails. Fun!)

And then everything that goes with living in the tent trailer for more than a week. packing up the kitchen, bedding, shampoo etc.,hair things, misc. toiletries. for everyone. and beach chairs, cabanas, umbrellas, beach towels. You get the picture.

(Kylee chillin' with the babies) (hangin'around the camp fire)

Anyhow, I have said before. This "vacation" involves a week of work before, a week of work during, and a week of work afterword. And all of the mental anguish involved when you try to get a very disorganized person to organize this whole vacation. By the time I get in the car to drive to CA, my feet are throbbing.And that is with Wendell doing all of the heavy lifting! BY the time I get into the car to drive home, my feet are throbbing.

(posin') (watchin' a vid in the tent trailer)

But, I love love love the beach. My parents are both from southern California, and always loved the beach. My mother used to take all 11 of us kids camping at the beach for three weeks with my dad flying in when he could. And all of the grand kids love it too. I think it may be genetic!There is something so magical about sitting in the sun with the wind in your face and a book in your hand. (pics on the beach tomorrow)

9 days without sweating: priceless.

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Vidal's Nest said...

Looks so fun. Cousins are so fun. I love it when my whole family is together.
Yep, not sweating..priceless

Shelli said...

I think it is genetic -- and my kids got it, too! I'm glad you enjoyed the beach so much. It is a heck of a lot different when you're the mom instead of the kid, isn't it? Hope you recuperate quickly!

Marcie and Holly said...

Sounds so fun! We love the beach too. Camping-not so much. Can't wait to see more pics!

Michelle said...

I know it can be a lot of work - but it's always worth it.
Anyways - anytime you go on a vacation with kids - it's "work" - not a vacation. A true vacation is one with OUT the kids :)
Can't wait for pictures!